How to search a thing using Tags in a 3 tables relation?

Hello guys
I have 3 Tables
Books, Tags and BookTags
It’s a many to many relationship that’s why I have the 3rd table and I don’t wanna do the double work for keeping only two tables.

Now I have a one text input in which the user can Enter either the BookName or BookTag and see the corresponding list of books in a repeating group

How can I do that?

it’s my 2nd topic asking yet no answer :frowning:


Hi there, @YArt… if I understand your post correctly, I believe you are going to have to use an advanced filter on the repeating group’s data source, and that filter might look something like this…

Want to give that a shot?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,
thanks for taking the time
I’ve changed the filter to what you’ve suggested but I see no results in the repeating group now, the BookTag table only has 2 columns one is of type: Book, the other is of type: Tag.
in such situation how can I change which columns to appear in the repeating group?

Thank you

What you have described is (I believe) the same setup I used to create my example. Can you share some screenshots?

I have changed “book” to “clip”

on the website the repeating group appears empty of content but has the lines of the research.

Per example I have 2 records with name “X” when I type X in the researchinput, the repeating group loads 2 lines but I see no content

Can you share screenshots of the repeating group setup? I assume you have an element in the repeating group to actually display something, right? Do you have any privacy rules in place that might be getting in the way?

the repeating group is working fine when I use it to display clips for example.
There are no privay rules

Can you share a link to your editor (privately) so I can take a look under the hood?

I have sent you a message… Thank you

Thanks Mike. the :filtered did exactly what I wanted it to do. as for the the repeating group appearing empty I had the text within linked to another table and when I have updated to ClipTag I forgot to update those.

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I feel the same problem, is it possible for you to share an example to understand it better?
Thank you very much!!!


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