Do APIs/Backend Workflows work in Preview?

Problem: I am creating a backend workflow to send emails to users 3 days after they sign up and can not get it to work.

My app is live and doing great. When a User signs up, they get an email sent to them instantly. This works perfectly and Im using Postmark to accomplish this. The welcome email is triggered in the workflow when user signs up. Absolutely zero problems.

Now, I am making it so in the sign up work flow, it triggers a backend workflow set for 3 days after the user signs up. This is also using Postmark.

No matter what I do, I can not get the second email to send. This is in “Preview”, not live. When testing in preview, the welcome email is still sent and everything works perfectly.

I understand that there can be many reasons for this email not to be sending but I am just wondering if backend workflows do not work that great in "preview’.

As a note, I have a few other backend workflows that work in the app already so I am kind of ruling out that I am not setting them up correctly due to I already have a few that operate correctly.
Thank you in advance!

They work exactly the same. Have you checked the app logs? For the API calls, have you specified a development API key?

georgecollier , can you explain just a tad more? Thank you.

Go to the editor, and view the logs at the time an email should’ve been sent. See what they say about the email.

Thank you very much!

Found the solution… I failed to click the “ignore privacy rules” box on both the frontend and backend api steps. Thank you all very much!