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Do changes to development database count as workflows on paid plan?

If I am testing development in preview mode, will changes to the database count against workflow runs?

I dont believe so, however there is a counter in the logs tab inside the editor that may help you work out what does and doesnt count.

Yes, the counter goes up when making a change directly on the development database. Is it supposed to?

I’m not 100% sure, @emmanuel?

Anyone else see the workflow count go up in development? I noticed a large spike in the last week and I think this is why.

Yes it does. It’s the same app.

Good to know. If I use the Bulk tool in the data screen to change 50 entries, does that count as 50 runs or just 1?

It sounds as 50, it’s an API workflow.

Thanks, that makes sense. I wish I knew that before. When testing I used bulk upload with API workflow on hundreds of data entries. After doing this a few times, I’m almost at my limit. It would be helpful if there was a page that clearly defined what counts as workflow runs.

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