Do Google maps work on Free plan?

I’m still learning Bubble and am on the free plan. I’ve entered all the set up stuff on Google and added a billing account as per the instructions and then added a map option on a pop up which is supposed to show a selected contact’s location but I just see this when it loads…

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 15.34.14

Before I spend much more time looking into this, is it because I need to upgrade to a paid plan in Bubble? I will eventually but I’m not ready for that yet. If so, I’ll leave the mapping until I do.

As ever, I really appreciate wisdom on this.
Kind regards

Hello @joefarrowsmith !

Just add your Google Maps API key

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Many thanks. This prompted to find my error. What had happened was that I had created the billing account with Google but it wasn’t associated with this app. That was a step I wasn’t aware I had to make. Now things are heading in the right direction. Thank you.