Newbie nervous about venturing into Google billing account

Hi All

Sorry, this is a very basic and general question. I’m trying to get Maps working in my App. I don’t know if they simply won’t work because they’re unsupported as I’m on a Free plan while I’m still learning Bubble and seeing if it really is what I need.

Thing is, I’ve followed instructions in the manuals but the maps won’t load. All I get is this…

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 15.34.14

It seems that in order to get them to load, I’ve had to create a Google Billing Account. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit worried about having signed up to it because I don’t know what it is. I’ve got a “Free trial” with €300 credit thrown in - I’m not sure what for. They say they only want my Credit Card details to prove I’m not a robot and they’re only going to take payments from me if I manually change to “Automatic payments” but they then say I’ll be billed monthly automatically and there’s no way to change this. I guess I’m worried that they’ll start charging my card for things I don’t understand so should I just pull the plug on it.
Can someone “Explain like I’m 5” why I need a Google billing Account? What does it give me? How much is it likely to cost? Should I just pull the plug because I don’t know what I’m doing? Or is everything OK and it’ll just get my maps working?
Sorry, I’m so confused. I have limited funds to throw at this and it’s making me somewhat nervous. Can anyone give me some guidance?

You can limit each of API call in Google console to avoid any issue and need to pay.
Google, instead of giving x amount of call for free, give you a credit to pay the call you are using. Each map API request have a different cost, so depending of what you are doing, the request price is different.