Copilot Course-Payment Intent

I bought @copilot course on Stripe Payments and I setup my workflows according to the course. However, I am getting this error and I am not trying to reference a product/product ID. This is showing up immediately when I’m on the page with the element, without having to enter any payment details and submit. Can anyone help?

I had the payment ID from the payment method action and was still getting the error.

Hey @anon88637131!

It looks like that error is coming from another action or dynamic expression which is retrieving data through an external API, and not from the PaymentIntent action shown. Try using Bubble’s search feature to see where you are using the Retrieve a Product API call to further diagnose the issue.

For the future, do give us a shout at if you feel you’re encountering a bug or file a bug report through :blush:

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