Do not show uploaded image in PictureUploader

Dear all ,

I am facing an issue which seems to be quite common I guess.
I would like to dispaly a camera icon and onced clicked on it the user should upload a picture. The picture should be processed further from there on (displayed in gallery etc.)
Everything works fine so far. Only thing that is bothering me is that the picture also shows up in the area of the PictureUploader itself after the upload has been finished.

What I did so far:
Placed the Icon on the page
Placed the Picture Uploader above the icon
Made the PictureUploader transparent

What I managed so far to get my desired result is to “Reset inputs” once the upload finsihed which worked great and is eaxatly what I am aiming for.
HOWEVER, I also have a dropdown list on the exact same page (to switch between the galleries) which is also affected by the “Reset inputs” command and flips away from the current gallery the user just added a picture to.

Is there a way to either exclude the dropdown from the Reset or any complete other approach to this topic?

Thanks for your help!!

Try putting the picture uploader in a group of its own. Reset inputs should then only affect the uploader and nothing outside the group.

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Thanks @louisadekoya
Maybe I got it wrong. I made the Uploader a group of its own. Still the Condition refered to the Uploader ("…is loading = false"). The reset still affects the dropdown.
Any suggestions?
I tried to connect the condition tot he group but then I cannot access the uploader parameters…


Hmm, I’m not sure I follow. You may need to share your application. I tried to reproduce the problem here but for me, the dropdown is not affected.

Thanks for the example @louisadekoya
You did not put the uploader into a group at all and it still works, correct?
Only difference I can see to my version is that my uploaded image action is dependant on the dropdown selection whereas in your example there is no semantic connection between the two…Is that correct?

Btw. How could I give you access to my example?

Thats it…as soon as you set a condition to the dropdown it is also being reset (e.g. Set state only if dropdowns value = 1)

Do you mind reproducing the problem in my sample app above, please? I tried by putting a condition of 'Only when Dropdown A’s value is “One” on the set current state action but it still resets the Uploader, no problem.

My problem is reproducable in your example without any change (dropdown goes back to “Choose an option…” once upload is finished) which is exactly the issue that I am facing.
My scenario is that based on the dropdown selection different galleries are displayed. By uploading a picture the user adds it to the according gallery. However the gallery always switches back to the default gallery(my dropdown must not be empty) and therefore the user cannot see the picture just uploaded…
Expected behaviour is that after upload the dropdown selection stays with the current value…

Sorry, I forgot what the actual problem was. I see what you mean. I have modified my example to use custom states to at least hide the picture uploader. It doesn’t clear its value but the user has to click on an edit link to show it. I’ve run out of time to play some more with it. Maybe you can build on this.

Mmh…I see. I guess I’d rather live with the fact that the picture is shown in the uploader area if noone else has any idea.
I see your point but it would reallyhinder my desired worfklow which I think is worse than my visual problem.
But anyway THANK YOU very much for your time and effort!!


One last try. I used reset data instead of reset inputs and that seems to have done the trick. New page here

Thank you very much. I have grouped my uploader with the repeating group and “reset data” of that group and it works perfectly.
Thank you very much!

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