Do we have to have an account with bluehost/hotgator to host this bubble app?


I don’t understand this. Do we need to have an account with web hosting services like hostgator to host this bubble app?
Coz bubble generates the DNS for this web app, and it prompts to enter this DNS names, someplace else.

Please advise.


Hi :slight_smile: No, Bubble hosts the app and each app is on its own pricing plan. The app’s plan is mostly dependent on whether you need a custom domain, how many collaborators are needed for the app and how much capacity the app uses. If you need a custom domain for your app, you can choose a custom domain from sites like Google Domains, Namecheap, etc.

Got it thanks alot.
I purchased the domain using google. Might take few hours to take effect.

Awesome! I use Google Domains too, it’s usually pretty quick!

No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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