Do While Loop For Make Changes To A Thing

I basically have a “make changes to a thing” in which one of the fields of the thing is a list that is ever-growing and the other field is a count++.

Practically what it does:
A list of the total car parts needed to order that day. There is a loop running that takes the first car logged that day and adds all its parts to the list that needs of parts needed to be ordered, then repeats that until all the cars’ parts are logged.

Here’s how it looks-

Make changes to a thing(the thing was already instantiated):
(part list add list current users’ cars: item # this part list’s count car parts)
(count = this part list’s count + 1)
(only when count <= current user’s cars: count)

There may be some small compiling errors but I don’t need help with that. I have no idea how to run this as a loop. I’m not sure why Bubble doesn’t have a workflow option that just says “run the previous step only when…”. I’m thinking I might have to export this to API. I’m aware that recursive backend workflows are a thing but they dont really seem to work well. Is there a way I can simply trigger this make changes to a thing until the count = the number of cars?

The recursive backend workflows do exactly what you’e looking for. Why do you think they “don’t seem to work too well”?

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They seem to be made for database maintenance not regular functions. Even is you pay $500 a month for the top tier of bubble, it only allows 20 calls of recursive backend workflows per thing. Additionally calling these workflows doesn’t seem to work well, but I will continue to look into it, thanks!