Do you have plans for offline Bubble apps?

Offline first is a great app philosophy: as the UI is already downloaded, the app checks for connectivity, and if the internet is down it will save all changes on the client hardware, and when internet is back it will sync the data.

Definitely a dream come true for any user. I think it would need a major period to make Bubble offline first compatible, but it wouldn’t it be a ground breaking feature, what do you think?

Get to know more about it in this excellent article Designing Offline-First Web Apps by Alex Feyerke, from Hoodie, a open source offline first backend.

Another great platform is Firebase - is Bubble based on this?

More info here: Google Chrome offline first, in and on this Github project.


It’s probably something well think about when we’ll push for native apps, as offline is then necessary. Not really on the top of the list given what we have to do first. But it’d be very cool indeed.


Google Gears anyone :slight_smile:

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Google stopped developing Gears

When I signed up for Bubble, I though it already utilized the offline features of Firebase. Not sure where I got that idea.

I need this feature!


is there any progress on this?

I think having a native UI is a prerequisite for having offline apps. I was quite curious if the new Ionic 3 desktop version can help on that (

Using mainifist DOM Application ​cache we can little achieve offline features like caching assets images/files

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Just thought I would mention this incase it becomes useful. But you could look at utilising the API features that bubble exposes (super cool btw!) Using something like construct2 to create your desktop / offline app and then pull data + login using the bubble API commands. You would need to expose save data workflows etc to make use of local storage and then uploading when necessary. Don’t be put off that construct2 is primarily a game engine as you can create some cool desktop apps using the same philosophy that bubble brings (a visual coding experience). It could at least be useful as an interim until Bubble provide an offline experience.


I found easy and powerful way to support offline first app using Google and polyfill service worker
Check out here for more details

I contacted bubble support to support attaching js and script in root domain and they agreed to support it through sponcsered feature ,
it will cost $500 I will pay$100 and need your support guys to fund this feature request
@csfalcao @Mike @Matz @alaherma


Fantastic! For the sake of other Bubble users, could you please provide specifics on what steps would be neccessary to implement offline support after the sponsored work is complete?

Count me in for the funding round.


Great News. It would be a plug-in or Api? How database operations would perform? Read only apps? And what about syncing DB?
Would it create any further cost (firebase, Google)?

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It’s not plugin and and not api, it’s service worker will detect whenever app is offline and handle to load cached assets and data
bubble will allow by this feature to attach service worker as file in the root of domain in order to control any page you need it to be offline
Read only apps?
For static apps very simple just add the links of all assets and service worker will do the rest
And what about syncing DB?
You can make it also but you have to cache the DB using JS script and service worker handle the data but you have to have programming skills
Would it create any further cost (firebase, Google)? No at all free and open to all


Would there be any crossover with Instant Apps?

me too!!!


@scottb50 @supernaturally How much you will donate?

How much is left?

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$ 400


Well, if @scottb50 and I are each in for $100…that leaves $200. Anyone else interested in throwing down for a worthy Bubble add-on?