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Do you have plans for offline Bubble apps?

I can help with US 50 on september 30th. A new baby is coming, so my budget is tight.


I am in with $100

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No problem at all congratulation, in advance for newbie :slight_smile: appreciate your support

Bakers for now
me $100
@supernaturally $100
@scottb50 $100
@csfalcao $50
@funwtp $100

only $50 left :smile: anyone support !


Will make up the $50/US needed to meet the objective.

Herb Boeckenhaupt
[email protected]

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Just committed to the remaining $50/US needed to develop the caching feature.

It should cache everything at first install without the need to open any pages, other than to save it to the device home page.

Should make the app display all content when there is not internet access whatsoever.


Alright, let’s get this show on the road :+1:


Will this be helpful only when the app is offline? Or will it be a mechanism where it would cache data so the overall experience working in the app is faster?

@roayati mentioned that service worker will detect when the app is offline and handle to load cached assets and data.
How ‘old’ would that data then be? and what happens to data that is manipulated by several people at the same time?

I guess what I am referring to is caching the database which is not exactly the same thing.

If there is still funding needed, or someone wants to share, I’d be happy to chime in.

I would also love someone to explain what this can do for our apps and especially what it cannot do at this point!


How do we do that? How do we compose what we want in our “offline feature”? Where do I send the money?

Hi @roayati

Any updates on this? Much appreciated!


Hey guys,

I’ve been talking to Josh as well as this. Before pushing a strong suggestion we need to make a clear scope of the need here. Lets find the commonalities between everyone in the group here. What minimal implementation could bubble do that we could build on top of.

I think Preloading an app with data is important, as well as some form of in-between-data-layer that syncs up with the server whenever internet connection is restored. This needs to be abstracted so that the user sees that there are unsynced items AND so that most functionality can still function even though offline.


  1. Preloading data. So that when app intialized without internet connection it still has this base data. This is especially useful in hybrid apps where lists of stores etc. are available.
  2. Breaking away the server-dependency on initial load and moving the data transactions to a middle-layer that are continously synced to server.

Myself I have introduced offline.js to my apps, and its working great for caching ajax requests and notifying users when no internet.

I think something like offline.js should be a default feature in Bubble. At least the fact that it is not notifying a user when there is no connection to me feels like something that should be.

I’m really looking forward to more offline capabilities and my main use case would be to intelligently preload data to make the app appear faster.

I can imagine there will be a tradeoff between waiting for the data to preload vs fetching it from the server. In an ideal world it stores data during an initial load and then only replaces data when that data is changed on the server.

My particular app is designed to show a repeating group with all current projects and will show a dashboard group loading that RG’s cell on click.

Not knowing which item the user will click on from the list plus the fact that there are hundreds of items, each with hundreds of connected things that will be displayed in the dashboard, make for a pretty substantial preload.

So either having all data offline and only syncing changes or intelligently preload data each session (like last modified things, or last created or even things connected to current user) will be great and something I would definitely throw money at!

In terms of the scope, this might be be a good place to start. The script initiates a ping. Variable states on the page could be configured in the editor.

Would what we’re sponsoring remove the need to have these programming skills?

Hey guys,

Weighing in on the DB sync here. We still should concider adding a middle layer to store data in-between the api calls to server and the end user interface. This middle layer would then make sure we can work with data throughout the app. For example you could then save a product to a list, and from another view you could then calculate the total value of items in list. If internet available the api response would go through that middle layer before the app uses the data.

We could even have a standard UI component that shows (You are offline and have 52 unsynced items.)
I would concider the below alternatives way before both sqlite, localstorage or websql:

I agree service workers can get us further, but what I described above would even give us the ability to preload mobile apps with standard data and even keep large parts of the application working when no internet.

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Very interesting - I agree, having the middle layer for syncing offline content would really boost functionality of Bubble for mobile projects. What are the implications / what are the necessary steps for Bubble to host this integration?

From the Github page, it looks like there are React components that need to be added into each native build.

I think it is an essential tool. I would greatly increase the sales of my app if it worked offline !! What should we do to implement?

I’m too stupid and too busy to figure this out myself but I have some money to spare. Would it be an idea to plan a couple of conference calls, maybe using so anyone can simply join, to get a scope of users needs and the possibilities?

Let’s say we do a couple of sessions so most timezones get a chance to weigh in. After the scope has been set, see what the budget needed would be and who would actually take this on (or a group of devs? @gurun’s resources?)

If there is an estimate, I’m pretty sure we can get this funded pretty quickly!


@supernaturally @scottb50 @csfalcao @funwtp
Thank you everybody who participate in this topic
Good news this feature now available in Bubble :smile:
[New Feature] Uploading files to the root directory


Please read my original post in article

The feature request was to support attaching file directly in root domain , which will give anyone attache files and scripts, by this way you can implement service worker Wich will make your website offline

So now they implement the feature but you have to attache the service worker script and handle the behiver of the app whenever goes offline either by caching assets and data or just use predifined content for offline mode


You can also attached mainifist (which is just text file with URLs that you want to catching for offline) it’s easy to make

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