Docmaker - Easy PDF - Private / attached

@elian thanks for your work with this. I successfully tested my workflow and am now trying to make the newly created PDFs private and attach them to a user’s thing. My workflow is to create many PDFs at once. Ie. scheduled API on a list. the backend workflow creates the pdfs and puts them in the app’s file manager. As an admin I can open the file. But, I cannot access the file from a user’s login.

When I log in as the user who’s thing the pdf is attached to, and I click on the link referencing the output file, I just get redirected out to the index page (in front of the login page. which is normal for my privacy workflow on people not being logged in. But I AM logged in.). My privacy rules allow for Current user who is logged in, can view attached files. Am I missing something?

Hi @kenny , sorry for my late reply, I missed your post.
Your question looks more like a Bubble privacy issue than something related to docMaker…
In my understanding of Bubble’s file management, in order to open the file, the user should be granted access to the object where the file is attached.
You said that you are attaching the file to a specific user. So only this user will be able to access the file.
If another user tries to access this file, even if he is logged in, he won’t be authorized.
If you want multiple users to be granted access to the file, then you must attach the file to an object on which all of these users are granted access.
I hope this helps…

Thank you @elian