How to transfer a private file permissions?

Hello all,
after reading the Bubble documentation, I am not exactly sure how the file privacy exactly works.
I did get that we can attach a file to a thing and then set privacy rules on that thing to allow or prevent users from having access to the file, even if they have the url.

However, since the mechanisms behing this are not explained, I am not sure what happens if I have a thing A with a “File” field and if I change that field to be equal to the “File” value of another thing B to which the file was attached.
Does it make a kind of copy and attach this copy to A ?

Here is a practical use case: in my website, users an upload sensitive documents in their personal briefcase.
Thus all documents must be only accessible to the user. I thus have a thing called “UserDocument” that has a “File” field. When the file is uploaded, I attach it to the corresponding “UserDocument”, and only the creator has access to the attached files in the privacy settings.
Now let’s say that user can organise meetings, and that in order to accept a registration to a meeting, they must have access to some documents. The goal of the briefcase is to avoid user to always upload the same file and instead have some personal storing space that makes them save time. When a user register to a meeting, I would like to be able to copy the user’s file and attach it to another thing, so that the organizer of the meeting has access to it, but only in the context of this meeting (i.e. once the meeting is over, he has no longer access to the document).

How can I achieve that ?

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Any info on that ?

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A ‘bump’ to this topic - is it possible to take a file between things? I suspect the security is applied and recorded at the moment of upload, and there is no mechanism to transfer the file to a different data type or record. Does anyone know differently?