Does anybody know how to register seller with stripe

I set up stripe redirect and it works in test and live versions. But with no stripe seller-ID in live version many things in the app wont work. I tried to register with new stripe account and old stripe account and no luck in the Live version of the app. I am not sure what I am missing that’s causing the seller-ID not to save

Please help. What do I need to do to solve it?

Hey @jas2jamili

Can you post screenshots of your current config?

@ambroisedlg thanks. The redirect loads this page with the config below. stripe id shows in version-test. Not sure what to do for the live version to show up.

Your config seems to be correct. I setup mine with API Connector so I’m not sure if there is a difference with the plugin though

Have you checked if your Connect settings are setup properly in the live environment in Stripe?

The client_secret key parameter could create some kind of conflict as well. I’d try without this parameter (just keep Get code from page URL) with your live key in the plugin settings

I ended up getting it to work. It took a few days lol.

Do you know how to successfully feed a phone number through the stripe plugin to update a stripe-seller-account? I have tried different formats…

I have been stumped by this for 3 days now