Does anyone have a link to this depreciated plugin - ▶ Player

There once was a plugin called player , got deleted by the original owner. But according to Bubble’s policy at least the last version should have remained on the application, instead we get an error saying missing.

Now it should be easy to restore, if we can find just a reference to it, not as easy as it sounds.

Jeff Thill at bubble cannot find it either, as this is what he has asked for

“Depreciated plugins are not supposed to be automatically removed from your application. I tried to find the missing element in your application without any success,could you please provide the name of the plugin as well as a link to the page where we can find the missing element with the name of the group it belongs to”

Can anyone help - have an old link in forum? or the original plugin creator can you kindly restore or reach out to us directly.

Hi, I think that’s my plugin, I didn’t delete it.


Thank you @Taiheta - this is really appreciated - it looks the same as I remember, will reach out to Bubble and let them know.

Many Thanks

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You can use the following API request to view the deleted plugins, just in case:

curl --location --request POST '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
        "appname": "meta",
        "app_version": "live",
        "searches": [
                "appname": "meta",
                "app_version": "live",
                "type": "custom.plugins",
                "constraints": [
                        "key": "deleted_boolean",
                        "value": true,
                        "constraint_type": "equals"
                "from": 0,
                "n": 10000


Thank you

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I tried searching for this plugin but cannot find it.