Does anyone know how I can send an email when a user makes a post

Hello, please I am trying to send an email to my users when a person posts on my website (social network). I can figure this out. Can anyone help?

Add step to send email to the workflow that creates posts or maybe create database trigger.
Not sure what can cause difficulties here since bubble has integration with send grid.

Thanks for your reply. I did a search for all users, when a post is added. But that’s the result. I can’t figure out how to proceed.
What I want is when a single user makes a post, I want to send an email to every other user, "like User A just posted a picture’

Hi there, @smofberry… give this a shot…



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Create backend API workflow to send an email and schedule API workflow on a list once the workflow with posts is running.

Thanks for the reply. It can’t send an email to more than 50 recipients at once. I will try another method.

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Alright. Do you have a video or tutorial you can point me to concerning this?

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Thank you

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