Does anyone know why my CSV opens like this in excel on windows but now on mac?

Hey, I’m experiencing a strange problem where a standard CSV download is going all whack in Excel.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 4.26.00 pm

There is a “mac” CSV I think? Or at least I usually have to search for the right one when saving.

Hey Nigel.

I’m just downloading the file through a workflow. I would have thought bubble would spit out a standard csv

Hey @chad,

I can’t see what the issue is exactly as the screeshot is quite small. Nonetheless, I faced the same issue (although I believe my problem was that the data was not UTF-8 encoded by default, which causes issues with special characterts on Windows). As far as I know, opening CSV files in Excel on Windown doesn’t really work - you have to load the CSV into an empty excel sheet as text and then transform it directly in Excel into a readable format. Run a quick Google search and you’ll find the answer. It takes 3 quick steps.

On Apple, the trasformation operation is encoded by default into Apple’s Excel-like own software so it will always open “right.”

Hope this helps.

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