Problem with exported CSVs

In the site I’m building for a corporation I need the option to export data to CSV (it is a paid plan site).

search - “לאומי”

The problem is that my data is in Hebrew, the data types are in Hebrew and the content of the fields are in Hebrew,

The CSVs get corrupted and shown in gibberish if they are opened with MS Office Excel, see here:

With google docs the content of the fields is shown fine in Hebrew.

The problem is I can’t expect the visitors of the site to not open these CSVs with MS excel, and that is what the bubble support suggest, in a way.

Eventually the bubble support sent me to the forum with no real help.


I got an answer from bubble that they are working on it - to allow the choice of the encoding of the CSV output, because now it’s in an encoding that is not compliant with Hebrew, but it’s not out yet.

I decided to change the field names to English and display in the CSV only numbers and English titles.

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