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Does bubble have an official plan or roadmap for truly native apps?

Curious if Bubble intends to build a way to create truly native apps like Thunkable or Adalo. (heck they should buy thunkable and bubblify it).

I feel a big dilemma before starting every project and the amount of investment i want to put in and while bubble has no parallel in terms of ease of use and flexibility, I have concluded that wrapped web apps are just not going to cut it.

If it is on the roadmap even a while from now, I feel more comfortable continuing to build in bubble knowing I will eventually be able to convert it to a native app, but if not, or it is not in the foreseeable future, i will have to reluctantly deal with thunkable’s block interface or find another solution. I hope I won’t have to.

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Are you having a hard time figuring out how to wrap your bubble wrap in Thunkable and have it feel native?

I don’t want to wrap it. Thunkable generates actual native code, it’s not a web view wrapper

Umm… it can definitely serve as a damn fine wrapper.

But you’re correct, it spits out slowed down react native code in bloated apk/ipa files. It’s only slow when you’re building a complex screen with a lot of dynamic settings. Plus, data binding is weak, but doable.

My preference is to wed the two and use a best of both worlds approach.

While I appreciate the input, the question is not wrap vs native, there are a ton of other reasons I don’t want to wrap and speed isn’t the only one. I am looking for native, that’s it.

My question remains. Does bubble have any plans to do this. cc @josh

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As a long term aspiration, yes. As something concrete with a timeframe or plan attached to it, no. We hope to do it one day, but would discourage waiting on starting a project for us to have a solution.


I appreciate the info!