Does Bubble use Live Reload or Hot Reload?

Instead of having the user click the Bubble refresh-page dropdown in each tab whenever the app is modified, it would be nice to setup @mishav Toolbox plugin and create a JS bridge so that all open tabs will refresh at once when a change is pushed.

Has anyone setup an event listener to compliment the Bubble ‘refresh the page’ prompt?

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Nicest would be to add an event handler to the appropriate event, once you find out what that is.

Another way is to detect the banner added.

Are you thinking of this for pages that are used for mostly display only? Otherwise auto refresh isn’t great UX.

Exactly - once the user clicks ‘refresh’ on their active page…all of the other open tabs will refresh. Have you used a handler for banner added?

No I’m just throwing ideas around, I’ve had no need for this function previously.

I think for efficiency, best way would be to use MutationObserver and fallback to setInterval for unsupported browsers.

Do you want me to come up with something?