Force page load

Hi fellow Bubblers,

Simple question here, for which I haven’t been able to find an answer:

Is it possible to force a page load when a user opens the app?

I mean in the situation where the user is logged in and the app is already open in the background.

I hope someone can answer this.

Yes, on page is loaded trigger add workflow navigation action ‘refresh page’

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Thanks for your reply! When I do this page refresh action (Page load > page refresh) it goes into a loop where the page continually refreshes. How do I set it up so that the page only refreshes once?

Not sure…have to think of some way to place a value so somewhere so it doesn’t.

You really don’t need this anyway. Your idea is probably that you want the page to refresh so the most update data is visible to the user, which will be true without a refresh as Bubble automatically will push updated data to the onpage data sources so long as you don’t tell them not to.

Interesting. This doesn’t require the use of Custom State?

No, and a custom state value is lost when a page is refreshed

In my specific case the updated data is not directly visible to the user. It requires a page reload.

There might be a plugin that can detect user activity…something that could provide you a sense of if the user has been active or not for some specified duration. I’d imagine somebody might have thrown something like that together.

If not, I assume this is a simple javascript (I don’t know javascript, but have found there are a lot of ready made scripts for seemingly difficult tasks), and that you could find a plugin developer to build a plugin for you…also, if you found the script you could try to use some free plugins like toolbox that allow you to run javascript in a workflow.

Did you get a solution to this?

I’m having an issue using Navigation > Go to page but the issue disappears when if I do a hard refresh when I arrive on the new page.

Optimal solution would be on Page is loaded trigger to activate Navigation > Refresh the page but that would cause a loop.