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Does Import Overwrite Existing Data in Bubble?

If we re-import data to the database does it update the current or does it duplicate everything?

Do we need to clear everything first and then re-import?

What if this is a monthly occurance where data must remain fresh and current is my concern?

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Import will only add to your actual database. It’s not like it will ask ‘do you want to replace existing record?’ (that will be fine by the way). The way I see it, we have to create another database, import it, have a unique id (like phone number) and compared information. We’ll have the same ‘challenge’ in a couple of months. Even in PHP with MySQL, we have to validated a unique ID to do the job. Second option, be able to read data from the source in workflow and, add or update actual info.

What does Bubble look at to determine if a record is changed or not?

Or in other words… what does Bubble look at to determine if it needs add a record?

I don’t think it does. It will just import the row, bubble’s database has no concept of uniqueness.

You might look at Zapier and using an API call to update rows that have changed.

Thanks Nigel.

So I thought of another work around but as I don’t have a live app yet I don’t know the answer to this question:

If each time i deploy a new Version of the live application I update the database BEFORE pushing it to live, it should then have the updated information with no downtime, correct?

Could I then do a monthly update in this manual fashion of dumping and re-importing and pushing the development application live on the 1st of each month or other maintence schedule TBD with the fresh db?

What about previous records that utilized the data in the previous database?

Will those records now change if the cell content changed?

Or will it still use the original logic to search for an X? I doubt it will do this and think that the data would either be totally different if that data changed, or the order of the entries changed, or just not there at all… ?

You may reconsidered the work around option: