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Does login with Facebook creates a User thing?


I have a login with Facebook feature on my app which works as expected, you click on it and it authenticates properly and logs the user in.

The question is that I don’t see a User thing being created when login in with Facebook.

Furthermore when I logout and then log back in with a username/password that exists in the DB the currrent user’s name displaying text still shows the Facebook’s First Name of the last person that used Facebook to login…so it appears as if the Logout does not properly log the user out if the user has used Facebook to log in.

any thoughts what may be happening?

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Yes, it creates a user. Keep in mind there can be a delay in the DB view, but in run mode there shouldn’t be.

Can you share a link?

signup as dummy user first, log out, then try and signin with FB.

I still can not see the created User after I use FB to login and its now been 24+ hours, so I should be seeing it in DB appview by now I would have thought.

I’m seeing this

I think only you can sign up with facebook. Can you fix this first?

hm, im lost…

I have a simple action to run when the FB icon is clicked…I didn’t think there was anything else to do?

do I need to make may app live in FB for this work?

what if I havent launched my app yet?

Well it’s more for me test. i’ll try on my app.


I’m interested in this topic too. I can’t see that “Signup/login with facebook” creates a User in DB. @emmanuel, you mentioned a delay in DB view. 1. Can you pls share the expected delay?

I’m also trying to understand the related logic.
If a user signs up/logs in through facebook first time, 2. will that user be able to log into the app using normal “user credentials” (facebook email and facebook pw) from there on? OR, 3. that same user needs to always use facebook login signup?

I’m trying to understand the process of what happens to user credentials using facebook and standard input login credentials as I can’t see password fields, hashes or anything related in the DB view.

Back when the thread was originally going on, the DB VIEW was lagging behind the actually DB content. Now, there’s a “refresh data” button at the bottom of the DB views. That should get you a pretty accurate picture.

I haven’t done login with Facebook, tho, so I can’t help with your other questions. Sorry!

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Yes it creates a new user.

Ah! The use of refresh should give instant updates of the DB. Yup, I’ve seen the refresh button. Thanks.

@emmanuel ok. Then I assume that new user from there on can log in to the app with the same credentials as used for facebook. Correct?

No, not correct :slight_smile:

He’ll be able to sign up going a workflow that signs the user up using a social network (Facebook in this case). Facebook doesn’t share the user’s password. If, going through this workflow, the user isn’t logged in with fb, he’ll have to authenticate with fb.

Did you do the Facebook lesson? Maybe you should try to do it again.

Got it. Makes sense not to share pws. Noticed the info shared by fb is permanently stored in bubble db.

Yes, did it. Twice. Went back and looked it over again to see all parameters available from fb.

Thanks @emmanuel.

I installed Facebook plugin and I noticed the following: if I’m already logged with bubble user/pwd and do the login process with Facebook (facebook account using different email) it works beautifully. It seems to integrate the account even though there are two different emails involved. I can even logout and login with Facebook and see all the data I had created with user/pwd. But I cannot see anywhere this email from Facebook on the database. Where is it stored? Will I have problem or this integration is totally expected to happen?

correct me if I’m wrong @emmanuel, but the email is stored IF user signs up with facebook. Otherwise not, correct?

I’m thinking, If yes, that could be useful for @mario1 to know. :slight_smile:

Right, it is stored. If the user isn’t signed up with facebook, there is not much to talk about…

thanks @jonaspalmqvist and @emmanuel. So in this case, where the user signed up with Bubble user/pwd and later used the “Signup/Login with a Social Network” and this case, Facebook in which the account has a different email. I noticed they stay integrated perfectly, like when we use a current account and connect/link them to a Facebook account. I wanted to understand if this integration is stored somewhere on the database or if it is an unexpected behavior, because in this second scenario I might loose some date in the future.

How could you even use different emails? I thought you could only use one email. @mario1

I didn’t create two emails for a single Facebook account or using Bubble user/pwd. I already had a bubble account on my app and when I opted to login also with Facebook, which I use another email, it connected to the current account because I was logged when I pressed to login with Facebook. I just wanted to know if this is expected or not. It is really great but as I can’t find any information related to Facebook on the account I’m afraid this integration could be lost somehow.

I understand what you’re saying @mario1. I’m just surprised you can actually connect a different email to your existing bubble account through facebook. (I’m not sure how yet, but I’m thinking user security straight away)

Whatever happens. The “integration” is not lost if no changes are made to it. That, only bubble founders and dev team can answer I guess.