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No users in DB after a user signs in with FB?

I have a test FB user that I’m using to log into my app with facebook. For some reason, though a person has signed up/logged in with facebook there is no record created for the user in the database. Is there something else I need to do besides the sign in with facebook action?

There should be such a user. Keep in mind the data admin panel can be a little slow to update.

Have you listed your app users and see if it’s there?

I’m logged into my app with a FB test user account and Data>App Data>VIew All Users shows nothing even after waiting for a couple hours. Does the app have to be live in order for this to work properly or should it work in development mode as well? It’s really important that I have users listed in the DB (for obvious reasons).

Mine usually shows after a few minutes but I haven’t tested it resontly.

Is there anything special I have to do besides what the facebook login tutorial covers in order for users to show in the DB? Also, once a user does show in the DB are they permanently entered into it or is the DB only showing active users?

I don’t use the FB login on any of my apps but have only done the tutorial. I didn’t do anything except what they showed. If I remember correctly the users were entered permanently.

Hmm. I wonder if one of the devs might be able to chime in? This definitely seems like a bug

Randomly this started working.

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Nevermind, spoke too soon. Deleted the user record in the DB to test something and now it’s not showing up again…

There we go. User showed up. Any way to minimize that delay? It makes testing kind of difficult.

Also, it appears that if the user has only ever logged in using facebook the user’s facebook email is not entered into the built-in email field??

I’d suggest building your own admin page and using a repeating group to display users. Tends to be much faster than the admin tab.

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Cool, thanks for the tip!