Icons not displayed on repeating group's first item


I’m facing a problem I really don’t understand. For all the first items of any repeating group in my app, the icons do not appear. It’s only the case for the first items. All the other items work properly.

I’ve tried everything in each icon parameters but, as it works properly for all the other items, I don’t know what to do.

Here are some screenshots.

Thanks for your help

Review the conditionals for the group that contains the icons for if it’s not visible if Cell index = 1

Could you share screenshots of your RG, with the group that contains the icons selected so we can see their properties? Thanks

But if it’s happening for all the RGs on your app, it could be a bug. You can report it here: Support | Bubble

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I’ve fixed the problem using only Ionic Icons. But I don’t think it was a question of group or cell index. As you say, it’s probably a bug as it was the case in every RG.

Thanks a lot though


I also have this issue - sometimes they appear, but most often not.
I’m using iconify icons.

Is it sure that its a bug, or is there something I have overlooked?

I have the same problem with iconify icons. I dont like Ionic Icons so it is not solution for me :frowning: Have you already someone fixed this problem pls?

@baxaworld @amplified.recruitmen @paul28
If you check Iconify Plugin | Bubble reviews and Q/A thread - you’ll see that other bubblers have the same problem with 1st RG cell after upgrading to Bubble Version 21.
Unfortunately, plug-in developer hasn’t been active on the forum for 1+ year.

And as you can check in Q/A thread I’ve mentioned above - another dev made and shared Iconify Extended Plugin


IT WORKS! THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: YOU ARE THE BEST :smiley:

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