Does "OneSignal - Push Notifications" work

Hi all,
I wonder if any of you installed Onesignal plugin by Onesignal and was able to make it work.

I followed the instructions as stated here but could not manage to make it work.

I also followed different instructions created by and I had no success.

Does the plugin work and is it maintained?

Also This bit taken from the instructions. Does anyone know why this is the case? “2.) Under “Other Site Setup”, enter your Bubble app domain and select the “My site is not fully HTTPS” option. Enter a label for your app as seen below. Enter this same label in the Bubble plugin tab for the field “Http”.”

I tried. See my post here: Push Notifications, OneSignal and Headaches

Long story short: the answer is no.

I could not get it to work in any useful manner. I reached out to OneSignal support directly and was initially told that Bubble integration “was on the roadmap”. I pointed out that their plugin was already live on the Bubble marketplace, but they were unable to provide any useful help.

I abandoned OneSignal in favor of Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging.

I also used the Firebase Cloud Messaging plugin.

The whole thing was up and running in under 15 minutes. It does exactly what I needed for my particular use case, and it all worked as advertised.

Thank you for the reply @nick12
I will have a look at the Google Firebase. Do you know if you can send different messages to different users?

My use case is to send a reminder message to a specific user. The message comes from Bubble and goes to the Android app. The Firebase Cloud messaging plugin made this easy.

Here are my steps:

  1. The user opens an Android app.
  2. The Android app grabs a valid Firebase token for that user.
  3. User logs in from the Android app using an API call to my Bubble web app.
  4. As part of the API call, they submit a Firebase token which I store in the User data table.
  5. I have a workflow that uses the Firebase Cloud Messaging Plugin. There is literally a “Send Notification” action. All it needs is the title, message and the Firebase token for the user you want to send it to.

So for the last step, I’m building the title and message dynamically using all of the usual Bubble tools. I use dynamic content like “specific User’s fcmToken” in the “fcmToken” field, and that’s it.

Thank you again. Today I will spend time on this.

I managed to push OneSignal - Push notifications. Everything works great.

Hello, and sorry for the tag, but I would lke to know how to generate the fcmtoken, and to save it in the db. Could you tell me how you did it ?

Thanks !