Does this setup for this type of workflow make sense? Workaround for 'branching logic'

Hi there! I’m trying to wrap my head around how to have branching logic in a workflow to verify how many songs a user can add and to lock state and prompt an upgrade if they reach their cap and want to add more songs.

Basically, there’d be the ‘add a song’ option up to their song limits:

  • if subscription = type 1 - let them add up to 10 songs
  • if subscription = type 2- let them add up to 50 songs
  • if subscription = type 3 - let them add any number of songs

I was thinking when the page loads I could do something like → check the current user’s subscription and check the number of songs they are limited to on that plan type (I can add the number of songs as an option on that plan type or in the plan type itself). If the current user’s subscription plan type has a higher limit than the total number of songs on their account currently, they can add another song. If it reaches the cap, I can change the state to show the feature locked out and to prompt for an upgrade to add more songs.
Does that make sense? Is there a better way?

Overall sounds correct.

Whenever possible use the elements’ conditional display tab rather than conditional workflows. The conditional display runs through much faster CSS rendering rather than an intermediary javascript engine. Browsers are generally optimized to run CSS in a performant manner.

Also if plan types are a fixed feature of the app consider building an option set around them if you have not aleady.

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Sounds perfect :call_me_hand:

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