Does upgrading from Personal to Professional plan add any capacity?

Just after a clear answer, if upgrading form my current personal to professional plan actually adds more server capacity or are you just paying for features and the ability to add capacity at more cost?


I believe the Professional plan has RESERVED capacity, which the Personal plan does not. I’m not sure if it’s actually more capacity, or if it’s just sectioned off so other people doing silly things doesn’t impact your app. I’d be curious to know the answer to this, as well.

Yes a Professional plan adds two units

Sorry @emmanuel not sure what your response means. Are you saying: Yes, professional plan adds two units?


Yes sorry, I wrote this too fast…

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Ok so I just upgraded to the professional plan from the personal plan and I have an observation.

The speed seems to have slowed down a bit for my app which is disappointing. I am thinking that with the personal plan even though you don’t have reserved capacity, you have a higher potential capacity then 2 units depending on how many are using the server. Thus while the professional plan guarantees performance within those allotted two units, the POTENTIAL performance of the personal plan is actually greater since it is not actually limited.

This is of great concern since apps live and die depending on their performance. It would make sense, therefore, to quantify the equivalent usage of a personal app so that a comparison can be made. If for the most part a personal app is functioning with the equivalent of 4 units given historical usage of the personal server, then it would allow those that plan to upgrade, some figures to work with for budgeting and stuff.

@emmanuel and @josh am I correct in my assumption and would this be possible?

Thanks for reading:)

@Bradluffy I have also be wondering this, as I swear I saw a drop in speed when upgrading and thought it was my imagination. Especially rendering repeating groups which maybe query related.

I would be interested in understanding if your assumption is correct.

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I am just about to go live with my app and have this same question - will my app be faster on a professional plan than a personal plan @emmanuel?

If your app is maxed out, yes. It will add two units of capacity.

What I’ve hinted from several posts is the following.

Not faster. When adding capacity what you do is increase the amount of actions you can do at the same time so to speak.

It’s similar to network latency(speed) and network bandwidth(capacity).
One thing is how fast your ISP provider can send you a packet of data through the line(latency) and another the amount of data packets they can send through that same line(bandwidth).

It’s true that if you are downloading a movie on 100 Mbps line you will get it sooner than if you do it on a 30 Mbps line. So it is faster to get the movie, but latency is the same.

Why does this sometimes cause confusion?

Imagine you are building a house and need cement. You are able to build a house in one day but you need 1000 kg of cement to build it.

The company that will deliver the cement has trucks that are half a day away from your place. And they can only deliver 100 kg per truck.

If you hire one truck you will need 9,5 days days to receive all the cement thus you will need 10,5 days to complete your house. If you hire 10 trucks, thus increasing the capacity, you will be able to build your place in 1,5 days. If you hire 100 trucks you won’t be able to finish your house in less than 1,5 days.

Bubble, as the cement company, has a minimum time it needs to render things on page or maximum speed it can achieve for this(latency/time it takes the truck to arrive home) and it will never get better than that.

Adding capacity only makes sense if you are maxing out Bubble’s resources for your plan. You can see this in the log tab.

In the truck example maxing out would mean that you only have money(resources) to hire 2 trucks. Therefore the rest of the cement queues up until a truck can come back and pick it up.

To summarise: Hire more trucks if you run out of cement because you are a quick builder. If you are slow builder, more cement will not make you faster.


Thank you for such a elaborate and somewhat poetic answer, much obliged :slight_smile:

Absolutely great explanation. So the data doesn’t move any faster, it just gets a larger job done in less time…which IS faster…depending on the context. Almost seems semantical. But it’s not.

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This is a very helpful explanation. Thanks for taking the time to write post it.

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Reading this has been great and it has been very useful. One question I have related to server capacity is what the typical configuration of a unit. What does 1 Unit mean in terms of specifications?

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