Would it be possible to start on a Personal or hobby plan until my site is ready, and then move onto the professional plan once I am ready to go live?

I am just a bit wary, as it states Bubble scales as your app grows. Apps on a Professional, Team or Production plan start with 2 units of reserved server capacity, and can add more as they scale. Pricing for additional units is $20 / unit / month.

The above jsut mentions going from professional to team or team to production but does not mention going from hobby/personal to professional

Yes, its possible

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You can even stay on personal while live as personal already has custom domain feature.

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I just don’t want the page to be sluggy so was thinking maybe professional would ensure a good user experience but if Personal can do the job then I may as you state stick to that until the website grows.

It is going to be quite feature intensive and have many products so i’m just wary it will be sluggish on personal

Check this out:

“and add 2 units if you’re on a personal plan (so that you can see how it would work on a professional plan”

Focus on optimising your app as much as possible before thinking on capacity. Because a lot of the performance issues that are mentioned around this forum are often related to non optimised creations.

You need to design for bubble. Know how Bubble works and exploit that. There are a lot of forum posts on optimisation. Some of them where Bubble developers have been very active and providing constant tips.

You will appreciate it. Your users will appreciate it. And the Main Bubble Cluster will also appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Legend, thank you. Appreciate it!

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