Google Domains DNS Record

I’ve read the various threads about DNS records and setting up custom domains, and honestly cannot figure out what I’m getting wrong.

Here’s what I’m seeing in Google Domains:

Here’s what I have in Bubble:

I’ve never experienced this level of frustration with other services that I’ve used. Does anyone know what I’m getting wrong?

I’ve had a similar problem before when setting up a domain whilst on a legacy plan. In the end I had to setup a free namecheap account, redirect my google domain to there and then they allow you to add a ALIAS/ANAME record. It then took a day or two to actually work.
This video is with GoDaddy but was useful for me:

I gave up and set up a new domain on NameCheap.

Did I do this correctly?

Bubble says they can’t find a DNS record but realize this might take some time.

Looks good to me, hopefully it will verify soon.

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