Domain name for both website and bubble app

How can I use my domain name for both my bubble app and as my CMS? Right now I use my .com for Webflow website then .me for the bubble web app. How can I consolidate to just my .com for both?

You cannot have the exact same domain name for both, as they are hosted on different servers, but you can use a sub-domain for the Bubble app.

So you will have your webflow website -

And then make put your Bubble app at -
(or switch out the word ‘admin’ for something relevant)

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Thank you for your help. Is there a way to merge your template with my current app?

Merging can definitely be done, but it takes some manual work. Much quicker than actually building all the elements from scratch and making them responsive.

I have put together a very quick overview of how to copy the Dashboard into your existing app, you can find information at the link below, and then clicking ‘Dashboard: Add to Exisitng App’:

Let me know if it makes sense as I am trying to improve the documentation for templates

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