Domain Question (Easy Question)

I am trying to figure out the best approach and wanted your opinion. I can build pages for users: about, how it works, etc. on through bubble but this is going to be a very painful and long process with no templates.

Option 2: Use a template from Wordpress and redirect users to a subdomain such as through a “sign in” button or something like that.

Do you have an opinion on why this is a good or bad idea?

I’m noticing a lot of apps from larger companies utilize the option #2 I’m suggesting but I’m not 100%. Thank you for your opinion.

Web design is generally a long process, sometimes painful, but definitely the most rewarding. I would go with your first option and hand create everything - you’ll have more control over how everything works and gain a better understanding of the Bubble system in case you want to implement more complex features in the future.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the input. Quick question, did you just join or change user names? How long have you been on bubble?

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This is actually only my second day using Bubble. I’ve been a professional web designer for about 5 years now, and I’m pretty impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. It saves me from wasting a lot of time writing code. I plan on upgrading soon and using this as my main form of development for clients, as I can get websites finished a lot quicker now.

That being said, I probably don’t understand Bubble as well as some people, but I think I’ve come to a solid understanding of the application’s capabilities. My opinion might be different if you were writing all the code yourself, but with a really powerful engine like this, I think that designing everything from scratch is still the best way to do it :slight_smile:


I agree with Cole, but another question I would ask you is - How much time do you have to learn this platform and how fast do you want to build an app? There are external learning options available about this platform. Here is a start if you have not found it already:

EDIT: There are templates that other bubblers have built, if you want to check those out as well.

P.S> Good to have you here Cole, I look forward to your input on the forums.

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Also this may be relevant to your decision:

More specifically, this is the concept of having two independent entities: a static (marketing) site and a web app.

At a certain point, I readily endorse creating these as separate entities. However, it isn’t necessary to do so on day one.

Bubble’s strong suit is in building apps, not static sites. However, if you’re just getting started, building static sites on Bubble can be fairly frustrating in comparison to a tool like SquareSpace (But eventually you hit a wall with SquareSpace…more on that another time). (And this isn’t to say that you can’t build really great static sites in Bubble - you can, it just takes elbow grease).

The reason you see many companies embrace the convention of ( is that it creates separate entities. That way, when marketing wants to change the copy of the site, they’re only deploying on the static site, not on the app. As well, it differentiates your databases (further increasing privacy) and reduces bloat between the two.

Within a Bubble app, you can change the Index page. So, you can temporarily create a static (marketing) site on your index page. Then, if you change to another app (SquareSpace, Webflow, or another Bubble app), all you need to do is update the index page to be structured as a login page and to re-point your URLs accordingly. (PM me and I can show you a live app where I have this built on Bubble).

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