Double clicking on element in editor opens element on element tree

One of the more frustrating things in the editor is trying to find an element that is nested 3 deep in hidden groups. It would be fantastic if a simple double click on any element would reveal the element in the element tree and reveal the element in the editor itself.

Please consider this.


@christo1 Double click is already assigned to the property editor.
Check out the Bubble shortcuts, I’m not sure but I guess there is already here!

Thanks for the tip. Checked shortcuts and unfortunately not there either.
So still have to double click to show property editor, scroll down to reveal in Elements tree click once or twice to reveal and then click on the one on the list, which may be nested several deep to see it…

Maybe it is the design of this page, but just to show you the steps to get to a single element in one of my pages:

Click on the element, ‘right click’ and reveal all the elements. You can then search for all elements inside the group. There is also a top menu dropdown for all the elements, searchable by text.

Just name all your groups properly.

Thanks, I am aware of the search, but it is just so many steps if you have to do it several times a day. Maybe a double click could reveal the property editor and highlight it in the elements tree. That alone will make quite a difference.

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I definetly need that!!! Just like in Figma - it’s so simple there. It annoys me so much. The element tree is ok, but it just takes too long. But it is not intuitive how to move a nested element by using the element tree. When I select an element in the tree and try to move it with the mouse in the editor it doesn’t work. Idk what I do wrong.
To open the edit element window I always use the right click.

What speaks against revealing or at least highlighting the element in the elements tree once it’s clicked, like in any other application? It’s not only a time-consuming but also very annoying operation in complex UIs. As a user you take this for granted since the first version of Photoshop.

This is still just an idea 3 years later? This has to be a low hanging fruit?? I spend so much time going back and forth from the tree to the elements. Especially now that the responsive engine wont allow you to drag larger elements into smaller groups so I need to do that on the tree.

I like most have been building large 1-page apps and even though I have a lot of Reusable elements to break it up there is still a lot in the tree, and I need to click reveal in Elements a few times sometimes to get down to that level.

Also, a lot of my elements are hidden initially so I rely on the search to find the element I know is nearby then use the tree to get to the element.

I guess the idea here could be to make it faster & easier to find elements in the element tree.

@shankar put Bubble Buddy together to “fix” this issue: Bubble Buddy - Chrome Web Store

Also vote like crazy on the Ideaboard:

Here is the link to the actual idea on the ideaboard:

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