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Double password

I would like to offer my users the possibility of using doble password. Yes, this mean something like
inputbox 1: FreeTibet
inputbox 2: DonaldDuck

Right now we have the possibility of using only 1 password and then we can add the confirmation (of the same password).
But I don´t want my customers blame some hacker guessing their only password.

Any tips about how I could do that?

My guess, maybe, could be having a traditional 1 password form and then opening a new popup asking for the second password. But I don´t know how to compare the content in both input boxes like “if password2´s value is not equal to Confirmation password2´s value… then… something”… like…error kind of.


Any ideas?

On the user table add a field for the 2nd Password. use a text field

On user signup store the 2nd password to this field. I would suggest you do some salting and hashing.

When a user logins in, check the 2nd password first and then use the normal login methods on the normal password id the first check is ok.

Rather than a 2nd password, you might want to use a pin, this is more common than a second password. Other methods are a memorable word or place. or even a selection of characters from a word.

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Yes, thank you very much, DaveA. Thanks for the inspiration and your will to help.
I will try that solution, it seems all right!
Best regards, friend