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Double triggering of "A popup is opened" workflow

I’ve submitted a bug report about this already and have been consistently able to reproduce it.

I was just curious if anyone else is encountering this behavior.

Workflows set to run when a popup is opened are triggering twice in a row.

Hi Brian,

I just did a quick test on a page with only a popup and text field. I created a workflow to increment a counter by one each time the popup is opened, and it behaves as expected - the number increases by one each time.



Thank you for doing a quick test, Steve. I appreciate it!

I made a demo. Check it out:

Editor: Brian-test-stuff | Bubble Editor

There is a popup with a custom state called “number” set to 0 by default. When the popup is opened, a workflow adds “1” to the value. It should only go up by 1 each time but it’s going up by 2 because the workflow is triggering twice in a row.

That’s exactly what I did as well. The only difference is that I was using a page that was converted to the new layout engine; so I created a test page using the legacy engine, and indeed, I was able to reproduce the issue as well. Nice job!


I hate to be a whiner but this bug is killin’ me. Anyone else running into issues with “a popup is opened” workflows being triggered twice? I can’t be the only one who’s affected negatively by this.

Hi Brian,

Did you submit a bug report? It’s the only way it will get in front of the Bubble engineers. As I said, I was able to confirm the behavior you described, but it occurs only in the legacy layout engine. However, I didn’t submit an official bug report.

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You’re right and that’s great advice. I did, I submitted a bug report and provided them a demo page before posting this topic here on the forums. I was curious if this new bug was as disastrous for others as it has been for us.

If it’s a show stopper, here’s a potential work-around…

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Oh my god. Such a simple workaround, and it works perfectly. You are brilliant, @sudsy!

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Is this now a “bug” or what cause the double trigger? I faced the same issue in our app.

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