Simple popup not triggering

Hi there, I’m attempting to trigger a popup to appear when clicking on a button.

I’ve setup a workflow on the button to simply ‘Show’ the popup element on button click.
No popup but the preview does begin an internal loading bar at the top of the screen. It never reaches the end but happens every time.

Am I trying to trigger the popup incorrectly? Should I be choosing another action in the workflow to change the popup from it’s non-visible state on page load to visible?

This is the first popup of the very beginning of an MVP, so nothing complicated or conflicting in this app, yet!

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you put a picture of your workflow?


Hi niven, I mean it could be a bug.

What would I check still:
If on the popup there is a conditional that stops it from showing.
That when I go on preview and click inspect bottom right and find the popup in the dropdown, or step by step bottom middle left and click the button to see its workflows, I would see what I expect to see.

Bloody hell! Figured it out and was completely my error in using an old version of Firefox, on my corporate laptop.
Usually I would use Chrome but that is also out of date and it stopped allowing me to log in to Bubble recently.
And being in Financial Services, the IT dept. roll out updates when they deem safe to update, so I have no way to fix this on my work machine for now anyway.

Jumping on my personal laptop with an up to date Chrome and the popup is working perfectly.

Oh well, no popup building on my lunch breaks from now on.
Lesson learned. Sorry!

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