Workflow popup not showing - possible cause?

I recently had the pop-up on the workflows stop working. I followed the thread and closed the browser and restarted. Then they worked. BUT the popup was way off to the right of the browser window. Is it possible that they were always working but were off the browser view-port so I just could not see them?

If so, this would explain why others are having the same issue some times.


Hello, John,

Our apologies that you ran into this! Our team is aware of this behavior (and has experienced it ourselves), though because it’s hard to reproduce and fleeting, we have had a difficult time squashing it for good.

The workaround you are describing is the best option in the interim, and we will keep everyone posted with our progress here.

Hi Jess… I actually determined that the pop-up was not off the side of the screen. BUT, I did discover an interesting behavior. If you encounter the problem all you have to do is try to drag the element a bit just as if you were trying to move it in the workflow. Once you let it go and it snaps back to its original position you can then click on it as usual and voila the popup appears. I am just guessing but it is possible that the drag is resetting the trigger that is used to fire the click related to the popup. Hope you are having a great day.

Hey @jess, awesome to hear that your team have experienced it too and completely understood that the fleeting nature of it makes it difficult to reproduce.

It seems like @jgellis has suggested an easy way to get it to appear again but it would be great if the Bubble team could validate that/shed any light on the best way to get it showing? I feel like I’ve seen a few posts in the past few weeks about this and it would be great if as a forum community we at least had a workaround that we could suggest to other forum users while we wait for your team to roll out a final fix.

I’m seeing this bug annoy the heck out of me basically every day and have for some time now.
Is there any way I can be of assistance to you in trapping the conditions that may trigger it, @jess?

As a suggestion… is this browser specific.
I’m using Chrome as the primary? @jess

Hello, I am also facing this issue now. Any way to get it to show? I have a dead line and this is a terrible time for this to be happening. All work has literally come to a stop cause of that

I saw it most of the day yesterday too.

I ended up locking and then unlocking the dock from the design view, then going back to the workflow view and it seemed to help. Took me forever to figure this out though.

I’ve been having similar issues for the past 2 days. Clicking on workflow actions results in nothing being shown. I’ve had to refresh browser multiple times. getting a little annoying now.