Downgrading plan special offer "discount against Bubble Banner"?

Dear Bubble Team - I’m sure this is just some A/B testing but this message is confusing - suggest you reword.


  • Is it a $15 discount on the Hobby plan?
  • How long would it last for?
  • “…discount against keeping the Bubble banner” makes no sense.

I was downgrading the app since I’m not working on it for a while, but even if I wanted to accept the offer I do not have enough information to know what is being offered.


Yeah, it does seem a bit confusing. Is it implying for $15/mo you don’t have the “Built with Bubble” banner? That’s all?

@emmanuel, could you help clarify?

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I have no idea what that Special Offer message means at all. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: