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Download CSV but have it show data from related records?

Hi everyone another question! I have an entity that is related to others, so for a simple example say Company with many Contacts. Each Contact relates to one Company. If I do workflow to export Contacts to CSV, it basically adds a column for Company which shows the bubble unique ID. Is there any way to have the CSV file show details from the related record, such as the actual Company name, address, and other fields?

@lmoreau Did you get this worked out ? I also have a similar requirement in which I need to generate a .csv file with a related field from the other table.

Anybody else as well, if have a solution around this, please help.

Hey no I never managed to get it to work so had a custom integration with a SQL server made so I can do proper reporting off the SQL database instead. There’s some plugins that export repeating groups to CSV but still a big pain as you can’t do quick on the fly reports. Not sure why Bubble doesn’t have this capability built in.

One work around that I’ve used with “some” success is to build one page that contains the complex repeating group. Then with that page, print it to PDF. Then use the full Adobe Acrobat version to convert that PDF into excel. It works - kind of - and seemingly varies based on time of day, but it has gotten me deep into the export process quickly on a number of occasions.

This is a major pain point and constant issue that makes the platform unusable from a reporting perspective. Many of customers want to import our data into their systems for integration purposes. We have it. We simply can’t give it them because it would bury us in manual labor.

Another semi-related topic…when creating complex repeating groups that reference multiple tables, make use of the group capability to retrieve 1 Thing and then reference the fields within that Thing. It saves you making a row of data that queries the same Thing multiple times. Maybe everyone knows this, but I still find myself forgetting to do it. It vastly affects the performance of the repeating group.