Download CSV Linked Dataset Field Selection

Native Download CSV action needs to be updated to allow selection of a display field for linked fields.

For example,

I have a dataset called Projects. Once of my project fields is Facility which refers to another dataset. When I try to download as CSV, the Facility field only displays the Facility UID. I would like for it to display the Facility Site Name.

There are some work arounds that require creating a duplicate field in the Projects dataset that copies over the Facility Site Name but that seems inefficient and defeats the purpose of having a relational database structure where I can link datasets together.

It should be an option on the Download CSV workflow for fields that are linked to another database to select the display field from that dataset to be shown.

Hey @rosejrr check out this plugin, using the “create csv from json” action you can achieve this.

Agreed though, the native bubble function isn’t sufficient.

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That’s what I’m using now. Its working for my needs but setup is a bit tedious for a dataset with a lot of fields.

Not a fan of using plugins if I don’t have to and I think this should be a native function especially since Bubble has already created an Export to CSV action, they could update fairly easily to add this functionality.

@rosejrr yup i completely agree. :handshake: