Download not possible from S3


I have made a pdf through the PDF conjurer plugin and saved it in the bubble database. Now I want to send the link where the pdf is stored (either or : When opening this link it says: No rights to change things to this file. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

Opened this thread without knowing it would be you or about that plugin, ha! Well, are you using the “attach to thing” feature when creating the PDF? Else the file is public.

Hi Vini,

I am using the attach to thing feature. If I don’t use this feature, will the pdf be downloadable for everyone?


Yes it will be public!

Using the “Attach to” is optional, required only if you want this file to be private. Else anyone with the link will be able to access it. Check those links here: and

That kind of error usually comes when the user is not logged in an account that has permission to view the file.

I figured it out! Thanks a lot! I had to save it to the database but not attach it to something.

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