Draw on Photos?

Has anyone had success creating the ability to upload a picture, then provide the option to free hand draw on it?

I don’t need anything fancy. Just a single color free hand drawing that saves.


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Sure have :slight_smile: a little tidy up and its going out.


Hey @jarrad will you be able to type on the pic? Or is it just for drawing?

Many thanks!

I cannot find the right smiley to express my feelings!


Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Yes you will be able to lay text down and manipulate it.

This is the base that ive been working on,

From there, image backgrounds, Text and a few other additions with the standard save as image & upload to bubble or prompt user to download.

If there are certain features your looking for now is defiantly the time to let me know.

The start of the cool stuff really comes to light when you check out that link, draw a horrible mess of colored lines and texured blobs then click the little button thats says “cancel drawing mode”. What do you think? It works great in bubble especially those features both on a desktop or mobile. My only trouble is this, http://fabricjs.com/demos/
When would you decide enough is enough :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the signature pad plugin can probably already help you out here…

Being able to show an image to draw on/ text on and then save the results and be able to tag the image somehow with the user, so you know who drew on it.

Being able to extract the text on the image and store it in Bubble (saving based on user).

It is cool though!

Do you have an ETA? I launch in April and just curious if I can make this part of the MVP. Thanks!

I second that. Very interested in this feature!!

Hey @ryanjameserickson – this might be too late but hopefully it’s helpful for future reference. I did build a FabricJS plugin that you can learn more about in this forum post. You can upload an image to the canvas and freehand draw, draw shapes, and more on top of that image.

Hope that’s helpful!