Image mark up or annotation

Is there a plugin or approach I could use that would allow a user to upload a photo and then draw on top of it?

I’m hoping the user would be able to draw freehand, shapes, or add text onto an image that could then be saved to the database. Also, I’m hoping it would include an undo/redo or clear feature.


HI @gregory.m.smith15 I am looking for the same here , i almost tried every plugin here such as "Simple screenshot " , “element 2 png”, "group 2 image " "anything to image " , beside other plugins ,but unfortunately nothing work , i were looking for plugin can take a screenshot of the image after drag some text, shapes on it then download this image as a png or jpg ,hopefully we can find a solution or any approach for this feature

Paint & Signature Pad - New Plugin from Zeroqode?

This may be useful

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