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Drop down box gives address list shown in Google maps

Hi all. I would like to have a drop down input box that shows a list of the unique values for a certain field of a certain thing, and then posts to the map page all addresses of instances of that thing.

For example, take the coffee shop app idea that was recently sent around on email. Imagine a similar app where users can upload their favourite coffee shops, and one of the fields for the ‘Coffee Shop’ thing is the ‘Shop Name’. Let’s say there are 20 coffee shops in the database, and that 7 of them are Starbucks, 5 are Costa Coffee, and the rest independent. I would like the drop down to show the list of unique names (without duplicates), and the user then selects one of the names, and the map shows the list of all shop addresses that have that name. I have tried setting this up in a group, but I am a) getting duplicate names and b) not managing to link the map display to the result of the drop down.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

If you use the feature “unique element” on the list you should be able to do this.

  1. the first dropdown displays the list of cafe’s name: unique elements. This dropdown should be of type
  2. the map does a search for cafe whose name is the content of the dropdown.

Does that make sense?

Well, it makes sense in theory, but I am having trouble making it work. I still get duplicate values in the drop down box, and when I select something in the list, the map does not update at all. The thing is called ‘Shop’. Here is what I am doing:

  1. in drop down:
    Choices source: Search for Shops:Unique elements
    Options caption: Current option’s Shops name

  2. in map:
    Number of markers: List
    Type of markers: Shop
    Data source: Search for Shops (with the constraint ‘Shop name = Dropdown select Shop’s value’s address’)

I have put these into a Group but not defined anything for the group.

Right, that’s because you’re comparing shops, not shop names. You can pick Search for Shops’s name which is a list of text.

I think you are answering point 1) here - about the drop down?

In ‘Type of Choices’ I am only offered a choice of ‘things’. So here I have to choose ‘Shop’.

I understand your suggestion to be to change the ‘Choices source’ from ‘Search for Shops:Unique elements’ to ‘Search for Shops’s Shop Name:Unique elements’? It should then remove duplicates only on Shops name.

When I do this I get an ‘issue’ pop up saying ‘Dropdown Select Shop: Choice source should be a List of Shops but right now it is a List of texts’. However I can not see an option in ‘Type of Choices’ telling it to expect a list of texts.

So I can not see how to get the drop down to apply the unique value filters to Shops’s Shop name without an error.


You’re right, our dropdown wasn’t able to have text as a type of options. Just changed that, try again.

OK that is working now, thanks.