Dropdown font colors removed?

Was the dropdown font color removed recently?

Just realized it’s gone, and because the dropdown is not styled very well, we’ve always used it as an invisible dropdown by making the font color opaque along with the rest of the dropdown. We just put it in a group that is styled more appropriately (better dropdown icons, icon image + title, etc.)



No way. Hope this isn’t real. :roll_eyes:

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well I mean…do you also not see it? Could be a bug.

Missing for me too.

Yeah I saw this too, it was weird, I thought it was just me, apparently not. I think the font color goes off the placeholder color now.

Sad, could be a bug or they could have done it intentionally. :slightly_frowning_face:

@eve @emmanuel @josh
Is this a bug?

Hey folks! I’m not able to reproduce this behavior in a test app, so if you’re seeing this on your end, please do submit a bug report - thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for reporting this bug, this was recently introduced when pushing a fix for placeholder color not working properly under some conditions.

We have just pushed a fix for this which is now live.
Sorry for the inconvenience,


This should be fixed now. I just received confirmation from a Bubble engineer. Thanks! :blush:


thanks y’all! @aless @eve

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