Dropdown Menus on Repeating Group Cells

Hi all,

I’m looking to implement a function like in the attached screenshot. Is there a way to add a drop down menu to a cell in a repeating group?

I’ve looked into making a reusable element, with the ellipsis and a Focus Group. It works great visually, but serves no purpose as I cannot pass the RPs Thing onto the elements in the reusable element for an action.

As the included image shows, I’d like to be able to have Edit and delete (where the RPs thing is passed to another element such as a group or pop up which is on the same page as the RP).

Does any body have any ideas or has implemented this themeselves?

Thanks in advance!



@hopesoftwaredev Focus group with multiselect dropdown for tags with ‘an input’s value is changed’ workflow and regular groups for the other one with ‘group is clicked’ workflow.

I learned how to do this from the fine folks over at AirDev and it works wonderfully. Screenshots are from one of my apps.

Make the reusable element’s type of content the same as the content of the repeating group.

Do the same for the focus group and set its data source as Parent Group’s Thing.

Then when you place the reusable inside the cell of the repeating group, set it’s data source as Current Cell’s Thing or Parent Group’s Thing if inside a group.

BadaBing, here’s what you get.

Just remember you will have to create any elements this menu needs to trigger inside the reusable element as you can’t reference elements on the page.

Hope it helps!


Thank you both for your help!
@eli your solution worked like a charm. I hadn’t thought about including the Popup within the reusable element.

Top job. Thanks for your help!
Have a great day!

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Wow. You made my day. I wasn’t aware that I could define a content type in a reusable and then set the data source within a repeating group. If you don’t define a content type, that field is missing when you place the reusable in an RG.