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Dropdown List Vs Search Box + Concatenation

This will be a two part question

I want to search for a Product SKU and then display the matching description, color, size records dynamically. I have just now worked this out, i dont need to put them in a group container do I?

I am confused as to which is better to use a dropdownlist or a search box? Both seem to do the same thing? Using a drop down box if a option is not in the box, can it be added to a list as a new record?

Also is it possible to select 2 option captions from a drop down list . For example : when the user types “T-SHIRT” in the drop down list. the drop down will show


I would like to separate the size and the SKU by a pipe.

Thank you for listening.


Hi yall, anyone have a suggestion?

I am not quite sure what you are after.

However I don’t think you can do what you are asking. Dropdowns are not searchable.

If you want to have the “type ahead” function on your search, then you will need the search box. And you would have to have a new field to combine your product and size.