Dropdown needing to be selected twice?

This is really strange… Whenever I go to click on a dropdown in my app the field is immediately cleared. This happens every time I change the value in the input. The only way I can get the value I want is by selecting the same option 2x in a row. It happens in production and in Preview even with html & plugins disabled. I see an expired topic with the same issue but the resolution was unclear/didn’t work for me.

Using Chrome on Mac.


I ran into this bug just the other day as well using Chrome on Mac. I was using the dropdown as a temp element so I just went ahead and built a focus menu then instead of later but it was doing the exact same thing.

Curious, do you have a default value set to a dynamic source? I had mine sent to the container group’s thing. I initially assumed it was a conflict with the default value that was set.

I think I figured it out! Whenever a dropdown is changed, if a group’s data source is the dropdown’s value then that group resets when its value is changed. Since I had the dropdown living inside of that same group, it was resetting itself every time I changed it. I fixed it by moving the dropdown outside of the group.


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