Dropdown Resetting it's choice - why?

This is super simple but I have no idea why this problem is happening.

Here’s a video explanation:
New Recording - 26/07/2023, 19:16:05

When I click a dropdown and select an option, the display just reset to the default value, and the option is not selected. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong??

Could it be that your dropdown data is connected to another element on the page? Sometimes, if you have a group that uses the dropdown’s data value and the dropdown itself is within that group, the selected option can reset to its default value. I’ve encountered a similar issue before. I resolved it by placing the dropdown in an independent group, separating it from other data-dependent elements.

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Oh my lord - You’re right!

My dropdown was set within a group, where that very group was referencing the dropdown as a datasource - seems like it caused a reset / loop issue.

Thanks, Ben! Good to see someone else had the same issue!

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