Dropdown Selection Not Appearing in Database

Hi Everybody,

I anticipate that the solution here is embarrassingly straightforward, though I’ve spent 12 hours trying to do it myself and would love it if somebody could point me in the right direction.

I’m trying to make a dropdown selection with static choices (ie gender - male, female, prefer not to say) and I want each user’s selection to show up in my data base alongside their name, date of birth etc.

How do I get it to appear in the database?

Thank you

Hi there, @georgiad… it’s not clear exactly where you are stuck, but if you don’t have a gender field on your User data type, you can start by adding that field. Then, add a dropdown to your page, and configure the static choices as you mentioned in your post. At that point, you will have a button with a workflow that makes changes to the current user, and the change you will make is to have the gender field equal the value selected from the dropdown.

Does that make sense? If you need any help getting down this path, just let me know and I will be happy to provide some screenshots.


Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for replying. I didn’t have a gender field on my User data type so have now added that.

Unfortunately I’m still getting stuck… I add the dropdown and configure the static choices (female, male, n/a) and adjust the workflow to make changes to current user. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but these details are not for the ‘current user’ per se but more data entry for, in this case, new patients. Following your advice I’m now getting the gender listed in app data but not in the correct row!

Thank you again!

Ah, okay… so the gender is associated with a patient, not an actual user, and now you have a Gender field on your Patient data type, right? At this point, the same action that is being used to save the values from the other fields should also be used to save the patient’s gender as the value that is selected in the dropdown.

If you can share a screenshot or two of your workflow, it might make it easier to figure out exactly what is going on.


Mike thank you for your assistance and patience - I went back and reviewed my workflow (for the 50-somethingth time!) and found the error! It is all corrected and I can sleep easy tonight!

Thanks again!

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